The following areas of interest for the days before PEME will increase your chances of being “fit to work” without implications:

  1. Get a good night’s sleep

Sleeping at least 8 hours the night before your exam will keep your blood pressure lower.

  1. Eat healthier

Commit to a seven-day diet with more fruits and vegetables and less sugar. Stop skipping breakfast.

  1. Avoid coffee and alcohol

Do not drink coffee or alcohol in the hours prior the exam, as they cause hypertension.

  1. Water is your friend

Drink more water in the days prior PEME, to help your body get rid of the toxins you have consumed.

  1. Know your teeth

Take care of your mouth hygiene before the exam. Go to a dentist for a provisional check and teeth cleaning.

  1. Avoid exercise

Exercise gives you a feeling of wellness, but try to avoid it prior medical exam as it can elevate your heart rate and drop your potassium levels.



PEME is more than just a paper; it is the foundation of the crewmember’s wellbeing and safety onboard!