Elena Donina Glukhman

Elena Donina Glukhman

Elena Donina Glukhman is a Project Manager of AP Companies Global Solutions, the international leading health care management, cost containment, and emergency medical assistance company. AP Companies has the largest direct medical provider network in 185 countries. AP’s Cost Containment team consistently achieves significant savings worldwide in all kind of different medical facilities. Elena has been working in the field of International Medicine since 2009 having previously worked in Bupa Global, dealing with insurance market development for expats and crew members and has a wide experience of cooperation in terms of medical care for the crew members with global cruise line companies and Marine Insurance companies.

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COVID-19 tests for maritime industry

It has been more than 6 months since Covid 19 has come to change the life of every single person and change the plans of every company.  Now, when the pandemic seems under control in one part of the globe, it seems to be gaining huge speed in other parts of the world.  This pandemic has taught the world a lot of lessons, and with some yet to come, Elena Donina Glukhman, Project Manager, Development & Cooperation Worldwide, AP Companies notes.

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Mental Health program for seafarers might save as much as human life

As much as it’s written and spoken about the importance of mental and physical health  of the seafarers who work far from medical providers, far from their families and home, in harsh environments and under constant pressure and increased responsibility not many Ship owners are making progress with making access to mental health specialists readily available and usable, notes Mrs Elena Donina Glukhman.

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Home country medical treatment for seafarers: Challenges & solutions

Cargo ship or a large cruise liner are very different places to work on, but looking at these 2 places from a perspective of a crew member health and safety actually we can see some common features. The risks for the wellbeing and health, the reasons of signing off board the ship and the need to get good quality treatment in a home country, in many cases, is very similar.

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What is the biggest obstacle for the social life onboard?