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Lessons learned: Contact while berthing

When the master noticed that the vessel was in very close to the berthed vessel, he ordered full power to starboard on the bow thruster. Despite the master’s efforts to turn the bow to starboard, the vessel continued turning to port and the bow made contact with the berthed vessel.

Lessons learned: Collision in restricted visibility

In its Monthly Safety Scenario for August, the Swedish P&I Club presents a case of ships collision due to restricted visibility as a result from fog. The incident highlighted safety issues related to compliance with COLREGs, on lookout, safe speed and conditions on restricted visibility.

Broken valve causes oil spill while bunkering

In its Monthly Safety Scenario for July, the Swedish Club describes a case of an oil spill during a vessel’s bunkering operations. Following investigation, the Club recommended that all involved parties should be informed when tanks are switched and that crew should always ensure the valves are completely shut and working.

Fatal fall from ladder highlights the importance of safety equipment

In its latest Safety Scenario, the Swedish Club presents an accident where a stevedore lost his life after falling from a ladder. The stevedore was climbing up the ladder using only one hand as he had a tea cup in the other, which could not fit in his boiler suit pocket, and he was not wearing a safety harness as well.

Fall and injury highlight safety issues for stevedores

The container suddenly slammed into the railing and broke it and also hit the stevedore. This caused him to lose his balance and fall 5m into the cargo hold. The bosun who heard the scream, rushed to the edge of the cargo hold and could see the stevedore lying on top of a container in the cargo hold.

Failed fuel pipe causes engine room fire

In its latest Monthly Safety Scenario, the Swedish Club presents an incident of engine room fire caused by the emergency quick acting valves not being properly closed. Many fires are caused by hot spots not being covered by the required insulation which might have been removed during maintenance.

Leaking cargo hatch covers cause cargo damage

All hatch covers were opened when the vessel was at anchor and waiting for an available berth. This was to ensure the vessel was gas free since fumigation had been carried out in all cargo holds at the loading port. When the cargo hatch covers were removed, it was found that cargo in holds 1,2,3,4 and 7 had been damaged by water.

Swedish Club: Is VHF enough for collision avoidance?

In its monthly safety scenario for January, the Swedish P&I Club describes a collision of vessels caused by insufficient combination of VHF communication and a proper maritime traffic look-out by sight and hearing.

Broken crane wire causes injury onboard

In its monthly safety scenario, the Swedish P&I Club describes an incident of a crane fall onboard a container ship, which hit and injured a crew member. The investigation revealed that the wire was not in good condition, despite proper maintenance as per PMS system. 

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