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Lessons learned: Stowaways enter steering gear trunk

In its latest Safety Scenario, the Swedish Club focuses on a case regarding three stowaways. Namely, the crew of a container ship that had left from Lagos discovered three people sitting on the rudder. The stowaways had used a small rowing boat to reach the vessel and had managed to climb up the rudder and then into the rudder trunk.

Lessons learned: Man overboard drill leaves crew member disabled

In its monthly safety scenario for May, the Swedish Club described a case of a serious injury during a man overboard drill, which left a crew member disabled for life. The Monthly Safety Scenario seeks to assist operators to comply with international safety regulations.

Lessons learned: Crack in cargo hold cover leads to wet damage

In its Monthly Safety Scenario for April, the Swedish Club describes a case of cargo damage caused by water ingress due to a crack on the hatch coaming. The incident resulted in several days of delay for the ship to get the wet cargo off the vessel, while most of the cargo was refused by the buyer.

High speed when approaching berth results to accidents

On its monthly safety scenario for January, the Swedish Club presents a case where a ro-ro vessel with high speed approached the berth in a port but was not able to carefully enter because of the wind, causing the vessel’s bulbous bow to hit the quay. The vessel was obliged to dry dock and repair the bulbous bow.

Officer forgets to insert a waypoint in GPS, ship runs aground

In its Monthly Safety Scenario for November, the Swedish P&I club analyzes a case of a ship grounding due to insufficient checking of the passage plan. When creating the passage plan, it is suggested that the plan is double checked by another officer to ensure all waypoints have been selected.

Lessons learned: Language attributed to ship grounding

In its Monthly Safety Scenario, the Swedish Club presents a case of ship grounding, discussing what can happen when someone communicates in a language that is not understood by everybody onboard. A pilot was communicating on the VHF with the VTS in Spanish and he did not clarify for the Master what he had said.

Lessons learned: Contact while berthing

When the master noticed that the vessel was in very close to the berthed vessel, he ordered full power to starboard on the bow thruster. Despite the master’s efforts to turn the bow to starboard, the vessel continued turning to port and the bow made contact with the berthed vessel.

Lessons learned: Collision in restricted visibility

In its Monthly Safety Scenario for August, the Swedish P&I Club presents a case of ships collision due to restricted visibility as a result from fog. The incident highlighted safety issues related to compliance with COLREGs, on lookout, safe speed and conditions on restricted visibility.


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