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Measures for keeping a high sided vessel alongside in strong winds

Lessons learned UK MAIB has published its first issue of its Safety Digest earlier this year including lessons learned from maritime accidents. One case uses two examples where high sided Ro-Ro vessels were berthed alongside in strong winds and explains which precautions should be taken in such conditions.Vessel 1 A large high sided ro-ro vessel was berthed alongside in strong winds at a busy European port. The master had decided to use four headlines, four stern lines, two forward spring lines and two aft spring lines to keep the vessel secure alongside during cargo operations, a decision he based on the weather forecast available at the time of arrival.The strong offshore winds were beam on to the vessel, causing significant loading on the vessel's mooring lines. As cargo operations progressed the wind began to increase, and gust to 42 knots, which caused all four stern lines, the two aft spring lines and one forward spring line to part, and the stern to veer quickly off the berth. This caused damage to the stern ramp, and the vessel to swing across the river and ground on the opposite bank.The crew were able to close the stern ramp to prevent any further ...

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