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AGM certification for vessels arriving in N. American ports

The Japan P&I Club has issued a joint Asian gypsy moth (AGM) has announced that there has been a regulatory programme for commercial vessels to prevent spread of AGM to the U.S. and Canada since 2007. U.S. Department of Agriculture and Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced this programme and alerted there should be a significant delay in case of vessels arriving without the required AGM certification, or upon detection of AGM

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How to quickly return to fit-for-duty status

Crewmembers that are unfit for duty due to injuries or illness can create a wide range of concerns for ship owners and fleet managers. In addition to concerns about the individual’s health, an unfit-for-duty crewmember creates issues for a ship’s operational capabilities, its port-of-call schedule, or even its ability to set sail. The Japan P&I Club provides advice that is useful to quickly return a crewmember to fit for duty status in the U.S.

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How to prevent incidents due to crane failure

Japan P&I Club issues LP Bulletin on cranes operations and reasons for failures The Japan P&I Club has issued Loss Prevention Bulletin on cranes to provide guidance regarding their inspections, maintenance and operation in order to prevent incidents involving damage to a crane.Cargo handling cranes, commonly pedestal mounted jib cranes, are fitted on board most handy-size bulk carriers, most general cargo ships and some other smaller or larger bulk carriers. These cranes appear to be fairly robust units which will continue to work when only a minimum of maintenance is carried out, but, in fact, they are highly complex pieces of machinery which incorporate numerous components manufactured to very fine tolerances, all of which must function correctly throughout a working period for the crane, as a unit, to be operated as the manufacturers intended. The cranes should be properly maintained, and should be inspected at specified intervals to ensure that they operate correctly and safely. Additionally, all other equipment used in association with a crane should, likewise, be properly maintained and should be inspected as appropriate. If the equipment is not in the appropriate good condition, failures are likely to occur during cargo operations.Any failure of any part of the ...

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