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OCIMF Principals on Human Factor: People’s actions are rarely malicious

Many major accidents eg Piper Alpha, Chernobyl, were initiated by human failure. Human failure is not random and people’s actions are rarely malicious and usually make sense to them at the time. This is the second guiding principle for OCIMF actions on human factors, highlighting the importance of understanding why errors occur in order to develop effective controls.

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Human errors make costly claims for crane failures

Following many investigations, Mr. Ivan Todorov, Senior Master Mariner at Brookes Bell Singapore has found that human error element is commonly not addressed when talking about crane rope failures. Beyond the common causes such as wire fatigue and overloading, there is usually a human error behind these causes. In the following article, Mr Todorov delves into how the human element is neglected, and what are some of the unsafe practices that can lead to crane rope failures.

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