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1 dead, 12 injured after fire at Russia’s only aircraft carrier

Russia’s only aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, was caught on fire on Thursday, December 12, during work in Russia’s Arctic Sea port of Murmansk. Reuters now reports that least one military serviceman was killed and other 12 people were injured.

Watch: Russia’s only aircraft carrier on fire

Russia’s only aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, was caught on fire on Thursday, December 12, during work in Russia’s Arctic Sea port of Murmansk, as Reuters reports. The area the fire took place covers 120 square metres, with diesel fuel currently burning and firefighters using foam, in attempts to extinguish the fire.

NTSB investigation: Overheating of electrical wiring led to Grand Sun fire

NTSB issued an investigation report on the explosion and fire onboard the offshore supply vessel ‘Grand Sun’ while in the Gulf of Mexico, in October 2018. The report identified overheating of electrical wiring, associated with a chest freezer or the receptacle powering it, as key cause. 

Do you know when to abandon a ship?

In the unlikely event of a life-threatening situation onboard, it may be time for vessel abandonment, ordered by the Master. Abandoning the ship needs to take place at the right time, followed by specific steps and procedures, as the decision to leave the vessel and fall into the sea comes with great risk.

Car carrier suffers engine room fire off French Coast

The Bahamas-flagged car carrier “RCC Passion” suffered an engine room fire, while sailing some 40 nautical miles of the French island Ushant, situated at the southwest end of the English Channel, the French Maritime Prefecture for the Atlantic informed. 


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