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UK Club advises on cargo cold treatment failure

The process of cold treatment is a more efficient way to exterminate fruit insects than fumigation, as it maintains a sufficient low temperature for a pre-determined period. UK P&I Club said that has recently seen an increase in refrigerated cargo claims for fresh fruit from S.America to the US, due to cold treatment failure and presents prevention solutions.

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Contamination with GMO cargo: What can be done?

Instances of cargoes of agricultural products being rejected due to the presence of GMO are on the increase. The West P&I Club has reproduced an article written by Dr. Tim Moss and Dr. Daniel Sheard of Brookes Bell “Contamination with GMO Cargo – What can be done?,” which discusses the science behind GMO crops, along with the ramifications of being found to have GMO contaminated cargo onboard and the practical measures that can be taken to prevent a cargo becoming contaminated.

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