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Cargo vessel loses 40 containers off Sydney

Following the container loss of the APL England on 24 May, Australian Maritime Safety Authority is responding to the incident by conducting an extensive drift modelling and investigating the matter at hand.

Wan Hai Lines forces fines for misdeclared cargo

In light of the misdeclared cargo contents, Wan Hai Lines announced that forced new measures against shippers who intentionally misdeclare cargo. In fact, the Taiwanese carrier company informed that if the declarations and the shipping documents are not true, it will immediately suspend the delivery operation.

Cargo theft trends on global supply chains during 2019

The transport and logistic insurer TT Club along with the global provider BSI issued the “Cargo Theft Report 2020” highlighting the impact of cargo theft on the global supply chain, while giving its recommendations of how theft risks can be reduced.

Ventilation records vital in cases of cargo moisture damage

The Gard P&I Club informed it has handled numerous cargo claims over the last years, where condensation was found to be the contributory cause of cargo damage. When dealing with such claims, the Club advises, the voyage records of the hold ventilations play a central role in mitigating the claim.

Requirements for cargo hold cleanliness in Argentina

Cargo hold cleaning is a major issue nowadays given that it is responsible for the quality of the product it will transmit; Therefore, the North Club issued information of cargo cleanliness requirements in Argentina for all interested parties.

English Court clears owners’ obligations in cargo damage

The Standard Club provides the case of a ruling made by the English Commercial Court concerning Alianca Navegacao e Logistica Ltda v Ameropa SA (The Santa Isabella) [2019] vessel which arrived at the port of destination with damaged cargo.

Dealing with cargo hold lights’ fire

In its report on dealing with cargo fires, the Swedish Club has focused on cargo fires and explosion that can be caused by cargo hold lights presenting a case study of a bulker that caught fire after its cargo floodlights were not connected according to the approved ‘as built’ circuit diagrams.

On deck cargo loss,damage excluded from Hague-Visby rules

The English Court decided that ‘On a true construction of the Bill of Lading, the Owner is not liable for any loss of or damage to any cargo carried on deck, including loss of or damage to any cargo carried on deck caused by the unseaworthiness of the Vessel and/or the Owner’s negligence’, according to Bill Kirrane, Steamship’s Mutual Syndicate Manager.