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Maersk Line tests alternative marine fuel

 The trials are due to begin in the first half of 2016, and will see the fuel supplied from the Gibraltar-San Roque refinery to Maersk ships following the installation of an MSAR manufacturing unit at the site. Installation and operation permits are currently being sought for the new unit.The trial program is expected to run until the end of 2016, or early 2017 when engine tests on the fuel will be completed. Subsequently, the sale of the fuel from the refinery would be made following regulatory and commercial approvals.“We are delighted to have this opportunity to meet the fuel requirements of a leading partner in the marine industry with Maersk using a pioneering technology from Quadrise. Cepsa has been a leader in marine fuel technology for many years and this agreement will help to consolidate our position,” said Federico Molina, head of Cepsa´s Refining Unit.Quadrise has developed the fuel to provide an alternative for shipping, refining and power generation markets.  The MSAR oil-in-water emulsion fuel technology makes heavy hydrocarbon residues easier to use by producing a lower viscosity oil mixed with water.  Alternative fuel emulsions, which are water in oil, are produced from heavy fuel oil.  By emulsifying refinery residues, ...

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Algae: a future fuel for thought

 Japanese Scientists consider algae as a potential abundant source of biofuel, media reports.Sachio Nishio, a professor of agriculture at Shikoku University Junior College, has been researching algal biofuel for about 10 years. According to Nishio, Scenedesmus, a genus of microalgae measuring about 20 micrometers,  is strong enough to withstand a wide range of temperatures, from about 40 degrees to ice cold. Up to 50 percent of the organism's dry weight is oil and, theoretically, Scenedesmus can multiply by more than twice in number over a course of 24 hours.With large-scale production at low cost a possibility, many corporations are jumping on the algae fuel bandwagon.Heavy industry giant IHI Corp. erected a 1,500-square-meter facility in Kagoshima earlier this year. Commissioned by the central government's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), the facility was established as one of the nation's largest algal production plants.The company had been cultivating algae in a facility in Yokohama on a trial basis, but decided to erect the new facility down south where the warmer climate and longer daylight hours provide the perfect environment for the mass production of algae.Botryococcus is grown in the Kagoshima plant. It's a tiny algae measuring just a few micrometers ...

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Scientists reveal algal oil potential as fuel for the future

 Researchers at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) have unlocked a treasure chest of ‘super-algae’ that could provide a previously untapped source of oil.Using a newly devised technique, scientists examined micro-algae strains in the Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa (CCAP), an internationally important algal store based at SAMS in Oban, to find out which ocean-based strains had the highest oil content.The screening revealed two marine strains, Nannochloropis oceanica (pictured below) and Chlorella vulgaris, which had a dry-weight oil content of more than 50 per cent. This makes them ideal sources of biofuel for vehicles and aircraft.The results of the screening, part of the BioMara project, have been published in Nature’s online journal Scientific Reports and are likely to help bring forward research into algae as a source of biodiesel and other biofuels by a number of years.SAMS scientists have demonstrated that Nannochloropsis, for example, is very efficient at converting nutrients, so it has the perfect combination of high levels of oil and high productivity.The report’s lead author, Dr Stephen Slocombe, SAMS research associate in molecular biology, said: “In order to produce biofuels from micro-algae we will have to generate high yields, so we need to know which strains ...

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