The project aims to develop designs for an ammonia-fueled Chittagongmax container carrier of 2700 TEU capacity.

Accordingly, SDARI will be responsible for the ship design and engineering, based on MAN's dual fuel technology, while ABS will assess safety-related issues and contribute to the development of rules and standards in relation to ammonia as a fuel.


The initial phase of the joint development program is the conceptual design, whereas the second phase will be the engagement with owners to develop designs tailored to their specific operational requirements.

Dr. Xiaozhi (Christina) Wang, ABS Vice President, Global Marine commented that

Ammonia is an energy source with significant potential to help the industry meet IMO 2030 and 2050 emission targets but will require stringent new safety standards to be developed in order to support its adoption.

Ammonia, when generated by renewable energy sources, has no carbon footprint and emits almost no CO2, SOx or particulate matter when burned in engines.