Specifically, the SS 6481 provides information on new requirements for multi-meter installation, which will enable bunker suppliers to better meet the needs of bunker buyers by enabling the delivery of different grades of bunker fuels.

This is achieved through the use of multi-meter systems that will reduce cross contamination with proper segregation.

The Working Group that issued the SS 6481 consists of key representatives from the bunker supply chain, including bunker suppliers/ tanker operators, bunker surveyors, ship owners/ buyers, and relevant authorities.

Captain Samir Fernandez, Global Head of Commercial Operations, Maersk Oil Trading Singapore stated that

The predecessor of SS 648, TR 48, has set the highest standards of transparency and accuracy for custody transfer of bunker fuels. It is not just about fitting a better piece of equipment, but aims to encompass a total system of trust within an industry otherwise fraught with ambiguity.

He added that the New Singapore Standard is in line with Maersk’s core value of Constant Care so closely that Maersk Oil Trading is aiming to become the first physical supplier in the world to enforce SS 648 procedures on our barges globally.

Whereas, Seah Khen Hee, Chairman, Technical Committee for Bunkering noted that

Metrology and system integrity are the twin foundations of SS648 providing the base for MFM system approval and the bunker custody transfer process as detailed in the metering procedure.

Extending these principles to bunker fuel transfer or delivery at oil terminals in a new Singapore Standard is the next major initiative to strengthen the Singapore’s bunker supply chain, and build trust and confidence in the Singapore bunker industry.