To fit navigation data management system

ChartCo has landed a contract with SeaSpan Corporation, which operates 71 container vessels, to fit its navigation data management system across the entire fleet.

The UK-based company says that it will be installing its full software suite, including PassageManager, and supplying paper and electronic chart updates to each vessel.

PassageManager allows the subscriber to plot routes, attach navigational products to those routes and then produce comprehensive passage plans combining products, port and route data, says ChartCo, adding that the software can be tailored to meet the varying demands of bridge procedures.

Raj Dewan, director of procurement & technical services at SeaSpan Ship Management, said: "We looked closely at a few good updating systems that are now available in the market and undertook exhaustive sea trials."

"ChartCo stood out as being the most comprehensive and easy to use. As we operate on a global basis with various crewing nationalities, usability was a vital consideration. ChartCo's software, support and broad scope of services are a perfect fit for our requirements."

Source: ChartCo