The project has been designed for storing both non-hazardous freight (merchandise) and packaged hazardous substances and also offers a blending and filling station.

The international cooperation in Rotterdam Blending & Filling strengthens both our service portfolio and Rotterdam’s position in chemical industry logistics,

... commented Cuno Vat, Managing Director of Neele-Vat Logistics.

Moreover, the project is a central point for the filling, packaging, mixing, storage and refrigerated storage of liquid chemical products.

In addition, Emile Hoogsteden, Director of Containers, Breakbulk & Logistics at the Port of Rotterdam Authority applauded the partners for the project and added that the project will boost Rotterdam's strength, versatility and employment.

The storage has a capacity of 35,000 pallet spaces. A total of 12,500 square metres is suitable for merchandise, protected with a sprinkler system. 6,000 square metres of floor space is available for storing packaged hazardous substances.

With the opening of Rotterdam Blending & Filling, Neele-Vat is increasing its storage capacity in the Netherlands by 260,000 square metres.