The port launched its updates in order to promote safety within its area, focusing mostly on speed limits. Specifically the port is able to:

  • monitor ships about to enter or within the waters of the port;
  • establish the practices and procedures to be followed by ships;
  • require ships to have the capacity to use specified radio frequencies; and
  • establish traffic control zones for the purposes of paragraphs.

Moreover, The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority proposes to make the following amendments to the Port Information Guide to further promote safety within the Port of Vancouver:

  • The formalization of speed limit areas in the First Narrows Traffic Control Zone (TCZ-1), Coal Harbour, and areas in Indian Arm, and other practices and procedures, including making mandatory the current voluntary 15-knot speed reduction in the First Narrows.
  • Introducing new speed limit areas in Indian Arm and Port Moody.
  • Introducing new reporting requirements for vessels designed to carry 12 or more passengers within the Burrard Inlet Traffic Control Zones (TCZ-1 and TCZ-2).
  • Updated language regarding environmental protection, minimum safety clearances, and other language related to the operation of commercial vessels in the Port of Vancouver.
  • The amendments will be published in the Port Information Guide following a 30-day notification and comment period. All comments received will be taken into consideration before the proposed amendments are implemented.

The detailed, proposed amendments can be found in the PDF herebelow: