regulatory update

Norway permits bareboat registration from 1st July

A new regulatory amendment will allow bareboat registration in and deregistration from the Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS) and the Norwegian Ordinary Ship Register (NOR), making ship registration in Norway “more adaptive and internationally competitive”.

Scotland eases seafarer quarantine rules

The Scottish Government has decided to amend regulations so Scottish seafarers no longer have to isolate for 14-days when returning to Scotland for more than 14 days of leave.

Key requirements for underwater examination and survey

The Marshall Islands Ship Registry has issued a revised marine notice to outline the procedures and circumstances by which the underwater examination/survey of a passenger ship’s hull by divers in lieu of drydocking may be permitted.

EU forwarders call Commission to ensure favourable tax treatment

CLECAT and FEPORT, representing European freight forwarders, port companies and terminals, called on the European Commission to avoid market distortions in the EU and to unbundle the activities eligible for favourable tax treatment under tonnage tax schemes.

EU Conflict Minerals Regulation: What you need to know

IUMI facilitates the dialogue and raises awareness concerning environmental, social and governance issues within the maritime industry that have direct impact on marine insurers, focusing on the new regulatory requirements related to conflict minerals.


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