On the south side of this dock, a water-linked concession is due for release, with Port of Antwerp opting to develop general cargo activities there.

The area around the Churchill Dock has grown into one of the most important sites for breakbulk terminals at the port. The concession in question, located in the middle of existing breakbulk activities, is 15 hectares in size with multi-modal accessibility, including direct access to the European road, rail and inland waterway networks.

As a result, breakbulk goods find their way quickly and reliably from European production and consumption centres to all corners of the world and vice versa.

Shipping breakbulk, like steel, project cargo and forest products, requires a product-specific approach, says the port: no shipment is identical. The Port of Antwerp is currently able to ship almost 9 million tons of conventional breakbulk every year, with an eye for quality.

Port alderman, Annick De Ridderm stated on the occassion:

Breakbulk is in the DNA of the port of Antwerp and remains an absolute priority. Despite trading difficulties and the economic slowdown, breakbulk remains one of our six commercial pillars. The transhipment and production of breakbulk continues unabated, thanks to the efforts of our breakbulk community that is committed to quality, experience and flexibility on a daily basis