Specifically, the Palau International Ship Registry (PISR) is in line with the IMO's 31-year Women in Maritime Programme and offers free of charge CoC, CoP and CoE certificates to women looking to develop their maritime careers in global shipping.

Panos Kirnidis, CEO of PISR, would like to see more women in the maritime industry and sees the registry’s offer of free certification as an endorsement of his registry’s values.

Women are an integral part of the maritime world and are entitled to achieving their goals as anyone else in the industry ... We need a shipping industry with the best people, and we are doing our best to achieve that.

The whole shipping industry is making great efforts to attract more women in the shipping industry, as recently Denmark launched the charter initiative which obliges the shipping companies among other things to devise a strategy or plan to increase the proportion of women in the company and describe and put forward initiatives to support it. The companies are also required to develop and set targets for the proportion of women in the company and appoint a member of top management to be responsible for the action.