After the collision, 'CSL Virginia's' fuel tanks have been ruptured, leading to an oil spill. According to French maritime authorities, the oil spill is about 4 kilometres and is floating off the Corsica.

In order to control the pollution, a number of ships have been deployed, while Italy and Monaco are also assisting in the clean up operation. In addition, EMSA's oil spill response vessel 'Brezzamare' started clean-up operations this morning.

The container ship collided with the ferry 'Ulysse' near Corsica on Sunday, October 7. Both ships sustained damages, while no injuries have been reported.

At the time of the accident, 'CSL Virginia' was anchored north of Cap Corse, northern Corsica peninsula, when it was struck by 'Ulysse', which was heading from Genoa Italy to Tunis Tunisia.