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Golden Ray’s oil is being monitored

The USCG announced that they will continue their attempts to keep the marine environment safe in the area where Golden Ray grounded, as following the improved weather conditions on-water response has resumed and lightering operations have already removed 200,000 gallons of fuel from the vessel.

Amoco Cadiz oil spill: The largest loss of marine life ever

Last week, SAFETY4SEA remembered the Torrey Canyon oil spill, which claimed the title of the worst environmental tanker disaster in March 1967. The sinking of the Amoco Cadiz more than a decade later came to claim again the title of the world’s worst oil spill, putting another dark spot in the environmental record of shipping.

Operations continue to mitigate oil spill from Golden Ray

The St. Simons Sound Incident Unified Command (UC) informed that it has divers working in order to find and secure the source of an oil spill that took place from the ro-ro Golden Ray on October 1.  As of now, a salvage operation is trying to lighter the ship, having already removed more than 106,101 gallons of fuel.

Vast oil spill affects beaches in Brazil

Brazil informed on September 27, that an oil spill has contaminated beaches and coastline across eight Brazilian states. However, Brazilian authorities are not about where the oil originated from, with Brazil’s oil agency ANP believing that it may have been spilled by a tanker.

Indonesian activists call Pentamina to provide info of the oil spill

Greenpeace Indonesia accuses Pentamina, state-owned oil major, that an oil spill from an oil well off West Java has polluted miles of beachfront and has disrupted traditional fisheries and calls the oil company to provide more information about the oil spill response and the safety measures taken on the nearby offshore facilities.

Equinor continues oil spill recovery in its Bahamas terminal

Norwegian oil and gas company Equinor is progressing oil spill recovery at the South Riding Point terminal in the Bahamas, after the impact of Hurricane Dorian. An onshore team has started to recover oil and move it into tank storage.

Spill recovery operations continue at Jamie Whitten Lock

The USCG continues oil spill recovery operations, responding to a crude oil discharge located within the Jamie Whitten Lock at mile marker 412 on the Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway, Wednesday, September 11. Up to now the cause of the oil spill remains unknown.

EMSA’s RPAS participate in oil response exercises in Denmark and Germany

During August, Germany and Denmark conducted oil spill response exercises to excel their response on an accident that could lead to a huge environmental disaster; To assist the exercise, EMSA participated, providing authorities with live feed footage from lightweight Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS).


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