Carbon storage is amongst the industries top priorities, in efforts to mitigate emissions caused by shipping. To remind, carbon storage is a complex method, as it captures carbon dioxide emissions and stores them in coal seams, aquifers, depleted oil and gas reservoirs and other spaces deep under the surface of the Earth.

OGCi stated that the project is part of an extension to OGCI member Aramco’s work on demonstrating carbon capture onboard heavy-duty trucks. However, the project also aims to provide research on a solution that might help shipping reach its IMO 2050 emissions reduction target.

Michael Traver, Head of the Transport Workstream at OGCI commented

Carbon capture will play an important role in reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions, but there’s no reason it needs to be limited to stationary applications. Expanding carbon capture to long distance marine shipping could help accelerate its use, while addressing a difficult to abate sector of the transport industry.