The remarks was made last week, when the president of Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association (WISTA), Ghana, Jemilat Mahamah, visited the NIMASA headquarters in Lagos.

In this regard, NIMASA will sponsor a high-powered delegation to the 6th WISTA Africa Region Conference holding in Accra from April 2 to 4, which is aligned woth IMO's theme for World Maritime Day 2019, 'Empowering women in the maritime sector'.

We believe and support everything that would give women a role in the maritime sector. There is no sector that would exclude 50 % of the population and expect that sector to thrive. If we exclude women, we are excluding 50 % of our population from benefitting in the economic activities in the maritime sector,

...he noted.

Dakuku said the focus of the WISTA event also accorded with current efforts by African leaders to create economic activities in the continent by maximising the benefits of the blue economy.

The blue economy is one critical sector that will create employment for our people, contribute to economic growth, and give opportunities to all our people, whether they be men or women. So it is timely and most appropriate that you are focusing on how to get 50 % of the continent’s population involved in the blue economy, be it fisheries, fishing, or underwater mining, aquaculture or any of the activities that go on in the blue economy. That totally aligns with our vision of making the blue economy play greater role in the economic growth of our country and our continent,

...he stated.

On her turn, the president of WISTA Ghana thanked Nigeria for leading the way in the enactment of relevant cabotage laws to enhance shipping activities in the continent.