As informed, the multi-purpose terminal includes a 630-meters-long, 17 meters deep berth and is equipped with a backyard area of 50,000 square meters with anticipated capacity of about 4 million tons per year.

The new terminal has been established under the supervision of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority (AFEA) and implemented by a number of Egyptian national companies. The investment cost reached LE 1.365 billion (=USD 81,361,000).

Announcing the completion of the project, Engineer Kamel Al-Wazir highlighted a number of project advantages, such as being equipped with all necessary facilities to serve ships and cargoes, including seawater firefighting pumps, rainwater drainage, facilities for feeding ships with fresh water and supplying ships with electricity within OPS technique, as well as oil and waste reception facility form ships.

This terminal will contribute to reduce vessel waiting time outside the port, increase cargo handling volumes, encourage further ship with bigger sizes and types, and buttress storage capacity inside port area,

...he noted.

Damietta Port recently became the first Egyptian port to introduce OPS technique in providing electric power to berthing vessels in line with MARPOL Convention requirements.

Earlier in 2019, the port deepened its navigational channel to 16 meters, the turning circle and the container berths to 15.5 meters, becoming able to accommodate giant container vessels up to 14,000 TEU and 15 meters draft.