The LNG Power Play was developed by leading women from ExxonMobil to gather female colleagues from across the LNG value chain to network and do business.


The initiative started as a 'pilot' one-off event at LNG18 in Perth in 2016, and then became a successful series of events taking place all over the world.

The Power Play has succeeded in bringing many women together to collaborate and innovate across the complex system of the LNG Value Chain whilst shining a light on how they can make a difference in this business

ExxonMobil LNG explains.

The initiative came to life after Ms. Howell and Ms. Lothian saw statistics that showcased the women can achieve economic parity in about 107 years. Power Play aspires to accelerate that time frame.

Women have an amazing ability to network, to collaborate, to pull things together. I think in this new area of energy, sustainability, there is a lot of natural talent that needs to be tapped into

Ms. Lothian concluded.