Specifically, according to the rescue vessel approximately 49 migrants stranded off the coast of Malta, started eating again after refusing since no European ports offer them a safe port.

Sea-Watch International tweeted on December 7 'On board of #SeaWatch we are reporting episodes of people refusing food'.


The migrants have been in the middle of the Mediterranean, according to AFP, because European ports refuse their entry and do not allow Sea-Watch vessel to dock in any European port.

Moreover, rescue vessels Sea-Watch and Sea-Eye have a baby and a number of children, amongst the 49 saved migrants and remain off the coast of Malta.

As stated by AFP, one European Diplomatic source revealed that France, Germany, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands and Portugal announced their option of taking in some of the migrants.

Following, Romania has agreed to take care of five migrants.

On the contrary, both Italy and Malta still refuse to take in some migrants. Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini maintained his position on declining the entrance to migrants.

Concluding, Frank Doerner, a doctor on board the Sea Watch addressed that Sea-Watch by saving these migrants and staying stranded on the sea, is not able to continue its rescue action.