Step#1: Use of a mixed bag and training tools and content that consists of a combination of various training techniques to help crew being engaged.

Step#2: Continuous training via the GCHQ and MCSA course in order to provide users to often revisit important cybersecurity topics to support knowledge retention.

Step#3: Culture development through marketing according to which the ones responsible for cyber security will design messaging campaigns aiming to keep the message front-of-mind through out the year.

Step#4: Early communication and support between ship masters, leadership teams and crew.

Step#5: Personal security practises meaning to keep your cyber environment at home secured, resulting to security onboard, as well.

Step#6: Gamifying the cybersecurity awareness programmes in order to attract all the seafarers and make them engage.

Step#7: Be prepared for success the minute the seafarers will be aware, educated and confident in identifying possible cyber risks.