Accordingly, the training toolkit will focus on different specific user-groups of employees to make it fit for the learners, including captains, crew, and employees in operational roles.

It is stated that the delivery methos used in the platform will include online and offline training, while the overall learning outcomes of each training module will include increased understanding of bribery laws and the consequences of corruption; enhanced skills to identifying bribery risks and apply anti-bribery laws in real world situations; improved awareness of the criminal and financial risks of corruption for individuals and companies; and better understanding of the red flags of bribery and learn how to respond appropriately.

Overall, many are the shipping stakeholders that have launched online platforms to boost seafarers' training. Specifically, BIMCO collaborated with the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and Ocean Technologies Group subsidiary Videotel to create a high-quality educational resource and assist maritime students continue their studies remotely, while Safebridge launched SafeLearn for Business.