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SeaSense – Expert Thinking on ISPS Code

This time, our special column, in association with The North of England P&I Club, sheds focus on ISPS Code asking industry experts whether the code itself can enhance maritime security against modern security threats such as cargo theft and terrorism.

Singapore Strait: Scrap metal theft from barges on the rise

The number of incidents involving tug boats towing barges has seen a rise in the Singapore Strait, with a total of 14 incidents reported only in 2019 (until 15th August). Of these, nine incidents reported loss of scrap metal from their barges.

US MARAD: Updated guidance for ships in Strait of Hormuz

An escalating tension in the Persian Gulf over the last months continues to pose serious threats to commercial vessels. Associated with these threats is a potential for miscalculation or misidentification that could lead to aggressive actions, the US MARAD warned. 

IUU fishing the most significant maritime security threat, report says

The third report in the Caught Red-Handed paper series analyzes expert opinions about threats to maritime security in the Western Indian Ocean. The survey includes the responses of 110 maritime security professionals. 80% of experts agreed that illegal fishing was a significant security threat to their countries and impacted the economy sector, as well as the local way of leaving. 

Shipping companies employ unarmed security guards amid tensions in Gulf of Oman

Amid tensions shipping companies hire unarmed security guards for ships operating through Middle East Gulf, as a security measure for the ship’s and crew’s safety. In light of increasing tensions, shipping associations propose that shipping companies had better avoid using private security personnel in critical areas, including Strait of Hormuz.

CMA CGM maintains its security measures for operations in Persian Gulf

CMA CGM reported that its security measures are sufficient to keep operating in the Persian Gulf region, following concerns over a possible dispute between Iran and major global powers, Reuters reports, although the shipping company halted its operations in Iran in 2018 following the US sanctions. 

Security Measures: Tips for a successful security internal audit

ISPS Code requires from a shipping organization to conduct security internal audits in an effort to monitor and assess the level of managed vessels’ compatibility to security regulations and the effectiveness of the implemented Ship Security Plan.


Should BWM training be a mandatory requirement?

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