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West Africa piracy updates

The Standard Club is focusing on the rise of piracy and armed robbery attacks off West Africa in the timeframe between 2019 to 2020, and collaborates with several local lawyers and correspondents in the area receiving various guidance.

ECSA warns about the Gulf of Guinea

ECSA raised the alarm about the dire security situation in the Gulf of Guinea, at the ECR Conference on Maritime Security and the Blue Economy in the European Parliament on Wednesday, February 5.

Singapore plans to reform amid piracy in the Strait rises

In a written reply to a Parliamentary Question on Piracy Along Singapore Strait by Mr Christopher de Souza, the Minister for Defence, Dr Ng Eng Hen noted that the Maritime Security Task Force (MSTF) plans to restructure in order to deal with piracy at sea.

KR issues guidelines for Type Approval of Maritime Cyber Security

In its February 2020 newsletter, the Korean Register informs that the cyber security type approval has been developed based on international standards such as ISA 62443 4-2, IEC 61162-460, and inspect cyber security level and function of cyber systems including remote access equipment; integrated control and monitoring systems on board the ship. The security requirements and their levels are verified on 12 categories and 124 requirements.

Liability and countermeasures for wireless networks

In its February 2020 newsletter, the Korean Register introduces wireless networks in relation to their vulnerability and potential countermeasures. It is said that wireless networks are often used in environments in the existing concept of wired LAN expansion; and most of them are composed of the form of connecting wireless AP to existing wired LANs and installing wireless LAN cards to clients. Thus, the separation of wired LAN and wireless LAN is not considered at all- KR stresses that this constitutes a security problem.

ReCAAP ISC: Three armed robberies in Asia last week

ReCAAP ISC launched its piracy weekly report concerning the timeframe between 28 January to 2 February 2020, reporting three incidents of category 4, with two of them occurring onboard vessels at anchorages in Indonesia and one in the Philippines.

RMI warns extra vigilance to ships transiting Red Sea

RMI issued a ship security advisory to shipping, warning that the conflict in Yemen continues to pose potential risk to RMI-flagged vessels transiting the southern Red Sea, Bab el Mandeb Strait, and Gulf of Aden, despite the current limited cease-fire between the Houthis and the Saudi Arabian-led coalition. 

US issues new security advisory for Gulf of Guinea

The Maritime Administration (MARAD) of the United States Department of Transportation issued one new advisory to commercial shipping, canceling the earlier ones issued in 2019. Namely, the 2020-002-Gulf of Guinea-Piracy/Armed Robbery/Kidnapping for Ransom, cancels the the U.S. Maritime Advisory 2019-010.

Vessels navigating in China report GPS spoofing incidents

GPS spoofing is a common incident nowadays, with the People’s Republic of China reporting that in 2019 there was a number of GPS spoofing incidents in and around coastal areas and ports. In light of the dangers and challenges of GPS spoofing, the Club alerts all stakeholders to take precautions if experiencing jamming, or spoofing.


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