The data is connected directly to Liberia’s Detention Prevention programme, which enhances its automated and predicted risk analysis.

This will help ensure vessel compliance prior to port arrival, while minimizing inspection times, as Liberia’s inspectors will have access to the complete background of a vessel before going onboard,

...the Liberian Registry explained.

Namely, the data exchange seeks to simplify PSC inspections by providing real-time vessel information to the Registry’s duty officer, the technical department and the Detention Prevention system, which can then be shared with PS, if needed.

This will enhance trust with PSC, who will rely more on flag involvement to minimize the amount of time spent on vessels.

With this vessel information aggregated on one platform, the system will also support in the collection and reporting of data in accordance with both IMO Data Collection System (DCS) and EU Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV).