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Human Trafficking in the Andaman Sea on the rise

Liberia Maritime Authority advises operators to lookout for possible sightings of vessels engaged in human trafficking in the Andaman Sea and the northern part of Straits of Malacca including coastal areas off Bangladesh/off Myanmar. 

Liberia issues guidance to assist with crew documentation

Due to the decreased ability to conduct crew changes, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and global restrictions,  the Liberia Maritime Authority has issued Marine Advisory to assist ship operators and owners that may be experiencing cases of Crew serving aboard with expired certificates and endorsements.

Liberian Registry to simplify PSC inspections

The Liberian Registry announced it is providing online, real-time access through a ‘single window’ to data on all statutory certificates issued by Class and its Recognised Organisations (RO), through a new data exchange with ROs.

Liberia Registry urges Flag States about crew changes issue

Following the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and the major crew changes issue that has arise, Liberian Registry continues its efforts for seafarers’ designation as “key workers”. Specifically, Liberia is looking to enlist the help of other flag States under this mission.

Liberia conducts first ever remote flag inspection

The Liberian Registry announced implementation of the first ever remote Annual Safety Inspection (ASI) aboard their ships, in a bid to adjust to the COVID-19 disruptions. The Registry successfully completed the first remote ASI this past week.

Precautions for vessels sailing in and around Ningbo-Zhoushan, China

Given that the fishing season in the Ningbo-Zhoushan Port area will start soon, the Liberian Registry issued guidance of shipping stakeholders to assist Liberian flagged vessels and provide additional information to assist Master’s in safely navigating highly congested waters off Ningbo-Zhoushan in the East China Sea.

Liberian Registry introduces a simplified vessel registration process

The Liberian Registry announced its Expedited Registration Process, ERP, effective as of 1 January 2020, in an effort to further simplify the registration and re-registration of vessels in the Registry. According to a recent statement, the new process reduces the number of requirements, and allows for technology and digital files to replace administrative work, creating a more simplified process overall.

Kierstin Lachtman the new head of Liberian Shipowners’ Council

Kierstin Del Valle Lachtman recently became the new Secretary General of the Liberian Shipowners Council (LSC), the Liberian Registry announced. Ms. Lachtman has worked as a representative and advocate for shipowners, most recently as Manager of Maritime Policy for CLIA.

Improper lifeboats stowage could lead to damage

The Liberian Registry informed of a recent case of improper stowage of lifeboats onboard, which could have resulted in serious damage or personal injury, had it gone unnoticed. LISCR communicated the case as this could happen to anyone. 

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