The 47-foot depth is required to accommodate more cargo aboard the larger ships calling on JAXPORT from destinations throughout Asia and other world markets through both the Panama and Suez canals.

...JAXPORT noted.

In fact, of the total $93 million fund, $57.543.000 is included in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Fiscal Year 20 Work Plan while an additional $35.457.000 is allocated in the A Budget for America’s Future – President’s Budget FY 2021.

For the records, this is the first time that JAXPORT receives grant from the President’s budget.

We are extremely grateful to our federal, state and local partners, as well as the dedication and leadership of the JAXPORT Board, for their steadfast support of our growth and the 138,000 jobs Jacksonville’s seaport generates in Florida.

...said JAXPORT CEO, Eric Green.

Moreover, under the deepening project, the SSA Jacksonville Container Terminal at Blount Island plans to feature a vessel turning basing, while goals to accommodate two post-Panamax vessels at the same time.

As for the harbor deepening, is divided into four parts A-D, which make up the full length of the 13-mile federally authorized project. Concluding, the project began its operations back in 2018 and is estimated to be completed in 2023.