Key points

  • Isle of Man vessels visited around 350 ports during the year and were subjected to 692 inspections overall.
  • Less than a third of vessel inspections resulted in reported deficiencies.
  • There were a total of 9 detentions during 2018 of which 3 detentions were recorded in the Tokyo MoU Region, 2 in the Paris MoU Region, 2 in the Mediterranean MOU Region and 1 each in the USCG and Latin America Regions.

The most common related deficiencies by code numbers raised by inspectors during 2018 are shown in the graph below:

The Isle of Man has also climbed two places -from 11th to 9th- in the latest Paris MOU White List which has been compiled based upon Port State Control inspections that took place in the 2017/2018 recording period .

We are also proud to have received the certificate from the US Coast Guard renewing its recognition of the Isle of Man on the USCG Qualship 21 Scheme, recognising quality shipping in the 21 Century.

PSC is a check on visiting foreign ships to verify their compliance with international rules on safety, pollution prevention and seafarers living and working conditions.

It is a means of enforcing compliance in cases where the owner and Flag State have failed in their responsibility to implement or ensure compliance.


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