Namely, SEAI invited individuals or organizations to provide marine ecology services at AMETS, in order to install and operate the floating wind turbine.

The tender consists of three lots: ornithology, marine mammals and benthos.


The review must find gaps between the current baseline data and what is needed to enable the deployment of the floating wind turbine.

Anyone interested must submit applications until 26 August by 12:00 local time. The duration of the contract is 27 months, with no options for renewal.

In addition, last March, a consortium of the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), ensured financing to trial Saipem's floating wind technology at SEAI's AMETS site offshore Ireland's west coast.

The Accelerating Market Uptake of Floating Offshore Wind Technology (AFLOWT) project, valued at EUR 31 million, aims to present the survivability and cost-competitiveness of floating offshore wind.

Porject's deployment is planned for 2022.