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New Celtic Sea Alliance launched to promote floating wind

Organizations in Ireland, Wales and Cornwall have joined forces to work together for the development of floating wind energy projects in the Celtic Sea. The Celtic Sea Alliance announced it is working with national, devolved and local governments on the best approach to deliver floating wind projects.

Ireland to ban oil offshore explorations in its waters

During the UN Climate Summit 2019, Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar that he and his Climate Change Advisory Council announced that oil offshore explorations should end in Ireland waters, as the exploration procedures are not in line with a low-carbon future.

Lessons learned: Non-compliance linked to fatal vessel sinking

Ireland’s MCIB issued a report on a fatal sinking involving the fishing vessel ‘Beal Sruthan’ while off Craugh Island, Galway Bay, in May 2018. Although the cause cannot be determined, it is probable that the failure to properly blank off the redundant stern tube by failing to properly seal both ends led to the sinking. 

Irish dock workers urge for better protection at Ireland’s ports

The ITF has joined Irish dock workers union SIPTU, during its urgent call for better protection for all workers in Ireland’s ports, after a 50-year-old truck driver lost his life in North Docks at Dublin Port on August 14. The death of the worker marks the seventh death of a worker in an Irish port in the last two years.

Ireland wants environmental surveys for floating wind turbine

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland informed that it has launched a tender, with which its seeks environmental surveying services to develop a floating offshore wind turbine at the Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site. Anyone interested must submit applications until 26 August by 12:00 local time. The duration of the contract is 27 months, with no options for renewal.

Cruise Belfast opens first dedicated cruise terminal

Cruise Belfast, a collaboration between Belfast Harbour and Visit Belfast, opened the first dedicated cruise terminal on the island of Ireland to cater for Belfast’s growing popularity as a cruise destination. 

Northern Ireland not suitable to accommodate offshore wind farms

Northern Ireland’s coastline cannot be used for offshore wind farm development, because of potential objections to how they would look. The findings were presented in a Department of Economy report. The report said the ‘visual impact’ to potential sites located within 13km of the shore would be a ‘significant issue’.

MCIB investigation: Capsizing leads to fatality on River Suir

Ireland’s MCIB issued an investigation report on the fatality of a trainee kayak instructor during kayaking on the River Suir in November 2017. The report mentions that while the other kayakers saw their colleague capsize, they did not attempt going over the weir and assumed that he would exit the water safely.

Ireland rejects offshore exploration ban

The Government of Ireland decided not to proceed with the Climate Emergency Bill and allow oil and gas exploration to continue, which is an important step to ensure energy security and create jobs, according to the Irish Offshore Operators’ Association (IOOA).


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