Specifically, on Tuesday the protesters were blocking the entrance to the Gulf port and didn't let trucks enter the port, as part of their protests against the government.

The officials discussed with protesters and managed to convince them to free the entrance, allowing the port to continue its operations.

Khor al-Zubair is used to export cargoes of gas condensates and receives refined oil product shipments, construction and electrical commodities and food.

In the meantime, protests continue, with major commodities port of Umm Qasr still being closed, as protesters have blocked the entrance to the port near Basra, preventing both employees and tankers from entering, resulting to the complete halt of the operations.

Additionally, port officials haven't been able to come to a common ground with the protesters and find a common solution.

The protests are part of a movement that has brought tens of thousands of Iraqis to the streets to demonstrate against corruption and the poor state of public services.