To remind, the 17 passengers and one crew member were diagnosed in NSW, and 8 passengers diagnosed interstate;  The Ruby Princess cruise to New Zealand left Sydney on 8 March and returned to Sydney and docked.

The NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller is now beginning a criminal investigation, led by the Homicide Squad’s Detective Chief Inspector Jason Dickinson, who is experienced in complex and protracted investigations, with oversight from the NSW Coroner.

The investigation will include interviews of thousands of witnesses, including the Ruby Princess’ captain and doctors, the crew and passengers as well as staff from various Commonwealth and NSW Government agencies.

The investigators will examine the actions of everyone involved – whether from the cruise company or government agencies.

Fuller stated that

I’ve examined a number of phone calls between NSW Ambulance, Port Authority of NSW and NSW Police that stemmed from the initial 17-minute Triple Zero call from the ship to NSW Ambulance on 18 March ... There appears to have been an exceptional amount of effort put in by Ports to determine the true nature of the conditions on board – and even delayed the vessels arrival until they were provided additional information.