Andrew Moll, Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents comments that “If I had a £1 for every time a manager has asked me how they can ensure that their staff are ‘doing the right thing’ I would be a rich man by now,” adding that

There are no simple answers: if there were, people would not be asking me the question. However, the rapport that the ‘office’ has with the ‘coal face’ has a lot to do with developing a good safety culture. Office-based personnel, no matter how experienced, will not always draft workable procedures. Consequently, it is up to those trying to get the job done to provide them with constructive feedback.

He concluded that the task is to take onboard the feedback and react positively to it. "Saving a few minutes here or a few pounds there can seem pretty smart at the time, but it is unlikely to convince the next-of-kin. Plan Do Review; it works."

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