Namely, the European real-time maritime robot testing center, "European Atlantis" will be located in Viana do Castelo, Portugal and involves 8.5 million euros financed by the H2020 – Framework Program for Research and Innovation.

Atlantis Test Center will enable us to quantify the added value of new robotic technology and accelerate our integration into the maritime wind power industry. The project is based on a true symbiosis between the energy and maritime robotics industries. This innovation center will be installed in Viana do Castelo and will be of strategic importance for the scientific robotics road-map across Europe.

... said Andry Maykol Pinto, project coordinator and researcher at INESC TEC.

Atlantis will develop the validation of robotic solutions under extreme weather conditions of the Atlantic Ocean, focusing on offshore wind infrastructure's inspection and maintenance.

For the records, the initiative is part of the Atlantis – The Atlantic Testing Platform for Maritime Robotics: New Frontiers for Inspection and Maintenance of Offshore Energy Infrastructures project, with leader the INESC TEC and main collaborator EDP.

Atlantis will focus on the inspection, maintenance and repair of offshore wind infrastructures, where a number of autonomous robots (underwater, surface and air) will be developed and tested in various industrial scenarios, such as the inspection of mooring lines, the monitoring underwater structures and turbine cleaning.

...companies announced.

Concluding, Portugal strongly contributes to Europe's growth of wind farms and the development of new technologies, starting with the first floating offshore wind farm, the WindFloat Atlantic, and now continues with the Atlantis Test Center.