During the signing ceremony at the Port of Rotterdam, the parties highlighted the sustainable potential for the region that this project brings.

The main objective of the consortium is to perform a feasibility study to realize a shore power connection in the Calandkanaal, providing sustainable power for offshore vessels. The order of magnitude of the connection is 20MVA.

It is envisioned that large offshore vessels, while moored at the Calandkanaal, will be fully powered by green electricity while operating inshore. The use of shore power for moored vessels at this scale is an industry first in the world.

Connecting Heerema’ s fleet to the grid by sustainable energy will provide a significant reduction in terms of emissions and noise. Due to the fact the diesel generators will be switched off shortly after the vessel is moored, nearly all emissions – CO2, NO¬X, SOX and PM – will be eliminated in the channel. In addition to the emissions saved, noise generation will be reduced significantly too. In the future, more vessels could be connected to the grid to further reduce the carbon footprint.

At the signing ceremony

Yvonne van der Laan, VP Industry & Bulk Cargo Business of Port of Rotterdam Authority, opened the ceremony with the words:

The energy transition coalition is high on the agenda of the Port of Rotterdam. This feasibility study for green shore power is a potential big step in making the infrastructure of the Port of Rotterdam more sustainable.

Katja Langen, Director Business Development of Eneco stated:

Eneco would very much like to determine how green wind energy, produced on location, can be coupled with shore power solutions. Potentially, mobile energy solutions could be developed. The answers on how to achieve this exactly, and the challenges this project brings, will have to be thought of in cooperation with Heerema and the Port of Rotterdam, together.

On behalf of Heerema, Saskia Rijtema, COO, signed the MoU:

We are thankful to make this step forward with these partners, and grateful to realize our shared ambitions in terms of sustainability.

Heerema, Eneco, the Port of Rotterdam and other partners in the consortium will jointly pursue additional partners and subsidy/grant providers that can assist and facilitate in this feasibility study phase.