The Ecuador has achieved a milestone by agreeing to construct the country’s longest bridge which will benefit the port of Guayaquil.


Namely, Jan De Nul is to finance capital dredging project to deepen the already existent channel, assuring a new authorised draught of 12.5 m, while in the meantime the company will guarantee deepening  the Guayas River to an authorized draught of 7.5 metres.

Also, along with this project, Jan De Nul will remove the rock known as 'Los Goles' from the offshore part of the channel. A vessel traffic service system and toll collection system will be placed too.

According to the company's statement, the project will be finished in less than a year, whilst the dredging of the river in the timeframe of three years. Moreover,the channel will be functioned and maintained by Jan De Nul according to the signed 25-year contract.