These measures, as the Standard Club informs, depend on recent ports of call, or if seafarers have reported any symptoms of the virus.

Facing extensive delays in port or quarantine can be difficult for the crew. If one or more individuals are confined to quarters, this can be even more difficult to address. Operators should be aware that these conditions can have an adverse effect on the physical and mental well-being of the crew.

On the basis that no personnel on board the vessel are suspected of having contracted the Coronavirus, the research recommends that crew members should socialise and avoid periods of individual isolation.

Spending time with, talking with and supporting colleagues can help. Onboard wi-fi also allows access to the internet, which crew can use to stay in touch with friends and family. Crew members can also watch or stream films or download new books, games and music and create group events/screenings when suitable.

We also understand that some ship owners are offering counselling to their crew. This will likely have to be done remotely, by telephone or video link but, if the vessel has the facilities for it, we anticipate that this could help the crew to cope with their situation and improve their wellbeing

the club concludes.