As the company further announced, the wells were the first in the region to be operated by BP, as they encountered 160 meters of net pay. Moreover, BP managed to deliver the drilling campaign exactly 40 days ahead of schedule and with $30 million under budget.

About a month ago, Orca-1 well in Block C8 offshore Mauritania made a major gas discovery, with the results achieving a 100% success from nine wells, targeting the inboard gas trend in Mauritania and Senegal.

This is an exciting result as it proves that our seismic data is identifying hydrocarbon reservoirs deeper than we had previously thought. We have identified a large prospective area with considerable resource potential in Southern Mauritania. We will now conduct further appraisal drilling to help inform future development decisions.

...said Howard Leach, BP’s head of exploration.

The successful results brought by the Yakaar-2 and Orca-1 could further support future developments such as a possible new development in Yakaar-Teranga in Senegal and in the Bir Allah/Orca area in Southern Mauritania.

For the records, BP collaborators in Block C8 in Mauritania are Kosmos Energy and SMHPM.  As in the Cayar Profond Block in Senegal, the company is cooperating with Kosmos Energy and Petrosen. Its partners in the Greater Tortue Ahmeyim unit are Kosmos Energy, SMHPM and Petrosen.