This bulletin applies to owners and operators of Canadian-flagged vessels, and seafarers from Australia, France and Norway that want a Canadian endorsement.

Under the agreement, Australian seafarers can now seek Canadian recognition of their valid STCW certificates. Likewise, Canadian seafarers can seek Australian recognition of Canadian STCW certificates.

Seafarers with a valid STCW certificate issued by Australia can now apply for a Canadian endorsement. This follows similar to agreements Canada signed earlier this year with France and Norway.

To apply for a Canadian endorsement, seafarers should send Transport Canada a:

  • completed and signed application for a Canadian endorsement (Form 82-0786);
  • copy of your valid medical certificate;
  • copy of your valid Certificate of Competency (all pages);
  • copy of all your valid certificates of proficiency (all pages);
  • copy of your passport;
  • signed declaration from an Authorized Representative (Form #82-0787) stating: your language skills (you must be able to speak very well in either English or French), and that you know the relevant Canadian laws and regulations; and two passport-sized photos.


Find further details herebelow:

Transport Canada SSB