With Argentina being one of global's leading exporters of grains, oilseeds and other such products, country's transport ministry set measures to boost activity and stop the delays.

According to Reuters, this action came after the disruptions at ports in the world’s number one exporter of soy oil and meal.

In fact, Argentina's Ministry of Transport reported that the entry of goods vessels to the country's ports would not be prohibited and foreign crew could disembark if needed if they had no symptoms and had sailed for over 14 days without docking.

In light of the situation, all the vessels entering directly from Brazil, Chile, China, Europe, Iran, Japan, South Korea, and US should provide to sanitary authorities a copy of vessel’s medical log book in advance, including body temperature of each crew member.

For the records, free pratique is a certificate given from the port health authorities which confirms that the vessel hasn't any infection diseases onboard and gives the permission to enter the port.