The Grimaldi Group company is the largest ocean carrier operating at Liverpool’s Royal Seaforth Container Terminal (RSCT) and the port’s longest serving container carrier.

Moreover, Peel Ports are heavily investing at RSCT to be able to host ACL’s new fleet of G4 vessels, registered in the UK and fly the Red Ensign. Moreover, the passage entrance into the Seaforth Basin has been expanded by 28 metres, making the access for the large G4 vessels into the terminal safer.

In the meantime, Peel Ports is investing in two ship-to-shore (STS) cranes with increased height and reach, providing more capacity to the vehicle storage area to handle ACL’s growing cargo requirements, which will be completed during 2021.

The ACL transmits more than 125,000 units of containers, cars and RoRo machinery annually, and supports a supply chain with a critical link between the UK’s export and import trades.

Gianluca Grimaldi, President of the Grimaldi Group stated that

The Grimaldi Group applauds the major improvements to Royal Seaforth Terminal and recognises it as a renewed commitment of our strong relationship with the Port of Liverpool, Mersey Maritime, and the customers and suppliers who have been supportive of ACL’s operation for so many years.