According to Permian, trading oil and gas is nowadays facing several barriers such as:

  • complexity and slow procedures due to financial barriers to entry and prohibitive upfront costs;
  • "radio silence" in case of problems that result to a lack of transparency between investors and companies;
  • low incentives for a company to remain engaged;
  • lack of liquidity because of long investment holding periods.

However, the 'Permian Token' aims to alter these disadvantages. To this result the system aspires to:

  • Allow suppliers to purchase coins from within the suppliers’ closed-loop-B2B-exchange;
  • Assist suppliers in controlling coin supply and monetize reserves & future supply;
  • Benefit the buyers by purchasing and exchanging crude oil value through direct fulfillment from suppliers ;
  • Give the community direct equity-like benefits ;
  • Decentralize direct investments with a trust-protocol for stakeholders.

Until now, the PermianChain has established 250 million barrels of potential oil reserves on its platform.