The agreement, effective from 1st October, consists of Dynamic Maintenance Planning (DMP), technical support, secured availability of spare parts and specialised technical personnel as well as constant performance monitoring.

Further, the agreement covers eight LNG carriers: four new LNG carriers and a renewal of services for an additional four LNG carriers.

The digital services to be provided are expected to ease the remote troubleshooting and tuning of engines as well as software updates. Furthermore, performance data will constantly be collected, enabling detailed analysis which will be reported to GasLog on a regular basis.

The two companies have an existing maintenance agreement in force, signed in 2014, which covers seven more vessels.

Yiannis Christopoulos, Director Service Unit Greece-Cyprus & Managing Director of Wärtsilä Greece, noted “By analyzing the operating conditions of the ship engines and streamlining maintenance accordingly, the operative efficiency of GasLog’s vessels is optimized at all times. Instead of concentrating on the theoretical lifetime of engine components, we monitor their actual condition. By applying real-time installation data we can strive for optimum lifecycle utilisation of the entire installation.”