Specifically, the USCG reported that the units which are anchored at the New York Harbor have to be moved out of anchorage and taken to a safe berth, until additional safety inspections are conducted to determine whether they are fit to return to service.

Moreover, the authority believes that the units are a risk to the safety of New York and New Jersey waterways, given that the company has been unable to maintain safe fuel and manning levels aboard these vessels. Also, it has been stated that the company does not have adequate contingencies in place for emergency weather or other conditions requiring movement within the port.

In light of this order, Capt. Jason Tama, Captain of the Port of New York commented that

My number one priority is to ensure not only the safety of the public and our waterways, but the health and well-being of the crews who do the difficult and hazardous work of operating these vessels.

He added that the order comes in need of keeping the port's waterways safe followed by the company's inability to maintain safe operational conditions aboard these tugs and fuel barges has forced me to take this step.

Concluding, for the time being the USCG is closely monitoring the additional Bouchard vessels moored at piers in New York and New Jersey to ensure that they do not pose a threat to the safety of the port.


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