Danger is in the very nature of working aboard ships, submarines and aircraft – and with weapons of all types. Conditions can be volatile, while precious lives and expensive equipment are always at stake.

While all Sailors are trained in the basics of damage control and first aid, Damage Controlmen and Hospital Corpsmen who specialize in these areas are critical in helping prevent accidents and to stabilizing the situation in emergencies.

Moreover, according to the US Navy, the work is challenging, but is typically alongside a close-knit, well-trained team.

Therefore, sailors should be ready to deal with any hard and fatal incidents; When it comes to preventing or containing hazardous situations, Damage Controlmen are the first on the scene. Depending on the specialty, their responsibilities may include:

  • Firefighting;
  • Emergency equipment repair;
  • Onboard damage control;
  • Fire supression equipment inspections and maintenance;
  • Ongoing safety and damage control training to crewmembers.

Credit: @USnavy